May 19, 2020

Sandra Alvarez

by anabispo-admin in

«Working with Ana Ramires and making sure that you don’t leave a conversation without taking something new, that makes you think, reflect and impacts your life, in the future and in your daily life. It is a breath of fresh air, reflection and alertness to what really matters: maximum performance, but always associated with our mental and physical quality of life. It is a constant attempt to see the same subjects from different perspectives, with easier, more humane and more rational solutions, even when there is a lot of tension, nerves and anxiety. Ana is an excellent professional, who effectively adds value to our lives. She is a professional that I recommend, without any doubt, to all people in the world, in high performance positions. I conclude by saying that I am lucky to have met Ana Ramires, recommended by Fátima Lopes, whom I will thank forever.»