The Up Programs are presented as personal optimization tools, framed in each individual´s settings, where each one has to develop not only his professional activity, but also his own existence.

By transferring the competences training model, we aim to establish an “accelerator” to the individual’s self-conscience and self-regulation, in order to shorten the distance between the individual and his life projects (acting upon different dimensions: personal, family, social and professional).

Inspired by a logic of effective competences training and leveraging the overcoming of the different dimensions of human being (psico-emotional and neuro-physic), these programs can count with the participation of different guest speakers and are specially designed in the shape of Immersion Programs – with accommodation included – or designed in a longer training period in room setting.

Although these programs may be developed specially to the needs of an individual’s group or organization, some existing pre-developed models are already available.

As exemple: