After almost a decade of collaboration in different Performance Optimization and Wellness projects, Ana Bispo Ramires e Pedro Mendes materialized their partnership in creating a space specifically thinking about creating an environment that reflects their interdisciplinary perspective of intervention and focus on the unique needs of each client.

Believing in a perspective of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary intervention, the ToPeople Space favours the integration not only of a set of specific areas that can respond to the specific challenges that each client carries, but also the careful selection of professionals who, like their mentors, experience their areas of knowledge from a strict focus on interdisciplinary interventions, where the sharing of knowledge between areas can, in fact, result in a high capacity to respond to the idiosyncratic specificities of each client or organization that seeks us.

Given the exceptional geographical conditions, this space allows the realization of an old dream that materializes in a new type of sessions – “Walking Sessions” – which, finding scientific justification in a huge set of investigations produced in the last decades, helps to promote new brain connections , creativity and the ability to think in perspective (thus promoting greater capacity in decision-making processes), strengthening brain tissue, the production of endorphins and, in particular, memory.