Former Captain U-18 Rugby National Team | Master’s Degree Final year Kingston Business School

Afonso Maló Franco

«Working with Psy.D. Ana Ramires, was a privilege. When I look back, I look at Sports Psychology as a tool box for life. Throughout continuous work Ana made me realize why I would feel a particular emotion during the game, in what way it would impair my performance and what strategy to apply. She has helped me to set goals and to manage my performance… Read more

Professional Soccer Player, Kiryat Shmona (Israel)

Afonso Taira

«Years of growth do not diminish my admiration for Psy.D. Ana's work. The more you work with the Dr the more you realize her genius in human and evolutionary perception and sensitivity. Above all, continuous improvement is the key to her process. A key which is, as well, a 'tip' for life.»

Director Branding, Marketing, Communication, Design & Image - Malo Clinic Group


«To achieve success it isn't enough to be a visionary, one must know how to direct one's actions, and act with confidence and determination. If there wouldn't be focused professional help, one would seldom get past the dream state.»

Partner, SFORI


«Ana Ramires is an excellent professional with an extreme sensitivity and superior technical knowledge. Her insight is a talent and a personal development accelerator. I recommend Ana without any reserves for the field of personal development and high performance.»


Ana Isabel Dias

«An example of accuracy, exigency and generosity.»

Beach Volleyball Coach


«Sailing in high competition is science, art and instinct.We have to know how to coordinate and foster competencies and knowledge in different domains of performance. But above all, sensitivity is needed to choose and use them both efficiently and effectively in a specific context and circumstance.Read more

EMEL Training Department


«It’s not hard to define the quality of the work developed by Ana Bispo Ramires. The difficult part is to define it in a few words or without seeming excessive. I am very grateful for having the privilege of working together with Ana Ramires and I hope to count on her commitment, professionalism and motivation capacity for future projects.»



«Ana Ramires belongs to the group of the “Outstanding Ones”. I had the chance of observing Ana in an audience and she has that singular and unusual capacity of touching each individual, even if in front of a varied audience. It is like being part of a therapy-groupRead more



«Together with the dedication that she has to each client/project she embraces, Ana has an the enormous ease  in understanding both what it is she is facing and its context. She also has unique therapeutic qualities at the intervention level,  providing tailored tools to each client and adapting them to their own timing and pace… Read more

Apresentadora, Comunicadora, Escritora e Digital Influencer

Fátima Lopes

«To speak about the work I have done for 5 years with Psy.D. Ana Ramires, is not an easy task. I came convinced that I was just going to, as if that was not enough, consolidate my work of self-knowledge and personal development and I ended up living a real revolution in myself and consequently in my life… Read more

Director geral da Nexity Portugal

Fernando Vasco Costa

«I started working with Ana, at a crossroads in my professional life, when it seems that nothing works or that nothing makes sense.
Ana first helped me to get to know myself better, to know what my strengths are (and weaknesses too) and, mainly, to define what I want to do and how… Read more

Partner SFORI


«The partnership that unites us to Ana is more than just a commercial relation, where training, coaching or behavioral and psychological interventions services are bought. Availability, openness and understanding have been a solid base where we have built our relation… Read more

Dancer, Producer and Creative

Hugo Martins

«Already 20 years have gone by of sharing with Ana Ramires, as a high performance athlete, as an artist, as an artistic manager and as a person….With her helping hand I took one of the most important decisions in my life: I abandoned my career as TAP Portugal pilot to dedicate myself to what truly makes my eyes sparkleRead more

High Performance Nutrition


«Ana exudes knowledge, creativity, competence and integrity, combining all this qualities with a unique Human spirit. It is a privilege for me to learn daily by developing my professional activity by her side.»

Profissional Makeup | Blogger (Winner of Blog of the Year 2016 and 2017 in the category of Beauty)| Digital Influencer

Inês Franco

«It was in a natural way that Psy.D. Ana has been awakening me to my side as a leader, a manager of a company with responsibilities to the public. It helps enormously to have someone to break down problems and make them into challenges/solutions. And these in turn, also make us grow in the future, both personally and professionally.»



«I met Ana in a leadership training. Ana coordinated the training whose practical component was given by the Marines, and the theoretical component covered a diversity of themes with experts from each one of those fields to moderate their respective debates… Read more

Dressage Rider

Leonor Ramalho

«It’s of no use to have the greatest talent in the world if we do not have guidance. It’s of no use training 12 hours a day if we aren’t going in the correct direction. Ah! And when I speak of guidance, it has to be the correct one, or we run the risk of falling short of our abilities. This is what Psy.D. Ana represents for me, the correct orientation. She gives me the tools so that I can make the most of my talent.»

ISPA-IU University Teacher


«I know Ana Ramires since we were colleagues at ISPA-IU. We have cooperate in the teaching, training and development of psychological and behavioral competences. Ana is a person endowed with an extraordinary clear thought, entrepreneurial capacity, determination and positive ambition towards the people with whom she works with. No one stays the same after working with Ana Ramires.»

HR Manager AOC Group


«Ana was invited to work with us in a project of “inner inspiration”, communicating with, following and preparing our professionals to face the various goals aimed by the organization during that year… Read more

Training Director Academia Refer


«I met Ana Ramires 20 years ago when she was my student and since then we have maintained a close relation. The successful career that she has achieved as clinical psychologist and as coach during her professional life speak by itself... Read more

CEO Havas Lisbon

Pedro Graça

«Working with Ana was an interesting journey of self-knowledge. The simple, but very sharp way in which it confronts us with our own contradictions, how she challenges us to question our pre-conceived ideas, to question our daily attitudes driven by the “force of habit”. This helped me to evolve to new levels of performance… Read more

Global Lead Football Performance (Coaching Methodology and Performance Analysis) - City Football Group

Pedro Marques

«An experience that translates into enhanced insight coupled with multiple routines and a larger ability to control them, anticipate scenarios, and improve readiness and performance in them. Discovering and clearly outlining a new stage both professionally and personally… Read more

Performer and Asthanga Yoga Teacher


«Being at the highest physical and psychological level to face a career, is a challenging project of high complexity. But, without a doubt, working with Ana Ramires in the development of my potential, raising it to the highest level of performance, was the biggest challenge of all… Read more

Jazz singer musician, Composer


«Working with Ana transformed me, I became more honest with myself and the process of recognizing emotions, gave me the openness to work on the problems that were incapacitating me both in my personal and professional life…. Read more

Sports Psicologist (Luiz Filipe Scolari)

Regina Brandão

«Working with Ana was a privilege, the generosity of her soul and her firm convictions were essential to our partnership in the Portuguese team. Ana has moderation, timing and feel when working with people; she represents an innovative psychology that seeks qualities and potential in the human being.»

Solo Sailor


«In my journey of life there is a clear difference between the before and after of working with Ana Ramires. These have been fascinating years of self-discovery and evolution. Ana always managed to find the trigger points needed to untie this and that knot, thus helping me to move forward with even more strength. It is totally safe to say that working with Ana Ramires was absolutely essential in the success of my projects during the past 10 years. Thanks for everything Ana!»

Professional Soccer Player, Tondela (Portugal)

Ricardo Janota

«To be followed-up by a high-performance psychologist helped me to focus on myself and in what I control. It allowed me to create strategies to cope with, overcome and grow with adversity; and above all, to value positive actions, not negative ones. I feel like a more complete and confident athlete.»

Second Coach of Portuguese Football Team

Ricardo Peres

«From my professional relation with Ana Ramires a sense of organization, development and decision making skills were brought to the various contexts of my life. The stimulus for reasoning and subsequent scenario anticipation, represents an added value to a systemic  planning and its adaptation to each reality… Read more

Professional football, Wolverhampton (England)

Rui Patrício

«I started working with Ana at the end of 2011 and it was undoubtedly a help, a great learning on a personal and professional level (although, initially, I thought that only the professional part would be addressed). In fact, any event in my personal and professional life was used to further increase my self-knowledge… Read more

General Director of PHD Media

Sandra Alvarez

«Working with Ana Ramires and making sure that you don’t leave a conversation without taking something new, that makes you think, reflect and impacts your life, in the future and in your daily life. It is a breath of fresh air, reflection and alertness to what really matters: maximum performance, but always associated with our mental and physical quality of life… Read more

High Performance Athlete Men’s Artistic Gymnastics GCP | Portugal’s National Team

Simão Almeida

«As a high-performance athlete, the focus is often aimed at the moment of competition and everything else that can be worked upon, outside this short and specific moment, stays unexplored. With Ana I’ve learnt to “train” in training and outside it, to then simply “reproduce” in competition… Read more


Tereza Trigalhos

«When the soul gets sick…Only angels can make it return! My tribute, in eternal recognition, to the high scientific competence professional, with a sense of moral civility, worthy of mention as a reference. I have learned to read life….»

Banco Popular Coordinator Director


«Ana is a 360º woman. Highly qualified trainer with an integrative and global view of time and people. Extraordinary capacity of involvement and of active provocation, she transmitted me passion in movement, strategic sense, trust and creative intelligence, strength and  the will to believe and dream… Read more


“She follows the individual in a practical and achievable process, providing him with objective strategies and tools, minimizing the impact of “life accidents”, using them as leverage tools.”

“She manages to enhance the positive characteristics and to adjust the negatives ones, through an unpaired logical process, validating trust and conviction in our capacity to fully fulfill our aimed goals.”

“Sagacity allied to an ever curious spirit, in the search for the maximum extent of the Human potential.”

“She helps to achieve performance optimization in the Being’s various dimensions, in a personal or systemic manner, respecting and boosting the unique characteristics of the individual, in an unshakeable ethical conduct.”

“I would characterize Ana as the first TRANSformer that I have met – with an extreme ease to understand and reach the essence of the human being, boosting his characteristics in a such way it attunes the individual with his life project (personal or professional), with a notorious impact at the level of excellency of teams and the cultural organization of a company.”