May 18, 2020

Rui Patrício

by anabispo-admin in

«I started working with Ana at the end of 2011 and it was undoubtedly a help, a great learning on a personal and professional level (although, initially, I thought that only the professional part would be addressed). In fact, any event in my personal and professional life was used to further increase my self-knowledge: Why had it happened? What had my contribution been? What could you fix, maintain or improve? We organized all the information about what had happened and discussed, adapted and trained strategies and tools to integrate into my day-to-day and work life, facilitating a feeling of growth and continuous learning. I felt more and more prepared to overcome the situations that appeared to me ahead and, above all, with the right tools to more easily go into “Flow mode” while training and competing, enjoying every moment of my actions. It was certainly a great pillar in my life, not only professionally but personally. A fantastic job, which I just must thank her, because for me it was one of the most important people I worked with and that made me evolve.»