May 19, 2020


by anabispo-admin in

«Working with Ana transformed me, I became more honest with myself and the process of recognizing emotions, gave me the openness to work on the problems that were incapacitating me both in my personal and professional life. The set of personalized strategies, physical exercise and the development of critical and practical sense, has lowered my anxiety and my stress levels in an unimaginable way. This inner change and the change of perspective on life, has helped me to live in the moment and to keep me healthy physically and mentally. Only this way it has been possible to persist in the face of difficulties and reach step by step the objectives I have set myself to. Now, I have to continue to work in order to be able to live and grow as a Jazz musician and singer. I believe that working with Ana has helped me to materialize an absolutely fundamental journey which allows me now and in the future, to live the life I want to live.»