May 19, 2020


by anabispo-admin in

«I met Ana in a leadership training. Ana coordinated the training whose practical component was given by the Marines, and the theoretical component covered a diversity of themes with experts from each one of those fields to moderate their respective debates. It was a quite interesting activity but, above all, it was my wake-up call to the fact that, both in performance and personal performance, it is “out of the box” that we find paths to solutions and answers that we often seek without being aware of the need.

I asked Ana to help me out and…..  a true “storm in my brain” started; which until then, and well settled in life, only complained of routine excess and of the limitation that a corporate manager has, developing and creating his field of business. Anyway, the usual for usual people in usual businesses….

It wasn’t difficult to quickly come to the conclusion that it is possible to change, it is possible to do more and better, it is possible to be happier and have more time, and moreover…. that all this change depends upon ourselves, exclusively. It sounds simple and it is, it isn’t easy though, and it is a process!!!

“Personal coaching” is actually, a very specific, a very technical activity, it has its methods and when done well, it has the amazing effect of bringing about small changes of habits, attitudes, more objective analyses that lead us to clearer interpretations and more accurate decisions. The result is a clear shift in focus, leadership style and strategic thinking/vision. Eventually, the result is a major change.

What does change around us?? In the overall atmosphere we can say that nothing changes, but in our scope of intervention, the change is gradual and trending towards increasingly clearer.

 Congratulations to Ana who, in my case, was able to identify my condition, my profile and helped me make a personal change which can be called evolution. By defining small objectives and simple reflection exercises, and joined by Ana, I went into an adjusted process of constant surmounting with exceeding results.

Actually, the solution isn’t far away, it’s indeed lying very close and within each one of us.

Unlocking is totally needed, and so is correct guidance and it makes all the difference to do it with professional help; and if possible, with the best!!!»