May 19, 2020


by anabispo-admin in

«To speak about the work I have done for 5 years with Psy.D. Ana Ramires, is not an easy task. I came convinced that I was just going to, as if that was not enough, consolidate my work of self-knowledge and personal development and I ended up living a real revolution in myself and consequently in my life. What I think is most fascinating is the simple way Dr Ana Ramires explains each situation. You cannot start the “complicographer”. She immediately pulls the rug from under and “often sends me to the floor.” And that is wonderful, because as I always learn new tools to exceed myself, I react increasingly faster and calmer to situations that would have made me very stressed before. I recognize that today I have a lot more skills in stress management, more ability to think in perspective, greater speed in generating solutions in the face of adversity, greater capacity for multitasking and I have even more drive in actions. Overall, there are many impacts I feel from the work done with Dr Ana Ramires. First of all, a larger capacity to understand what is happening to me, what is behind certain attitudes that I’ve had, or emotions that I’ve lived. Secondly, a much bigger emotional endurance and an awareness of the resilient person I am. Third, to realize the vast inner strength that I’ve always had and channel it in the right direction. Fourth, the growth in speed and effectiveness of my response, in the face of adversity. Fifth, the significant decrease of stress levels and in red line moments. Sixth, a much larger capacity to manage the diverse areas of my life and the time I dedicate to each one of them. And finally, to know how to sort priorities out. This experience with Psy.D. Ana Ramires, has been an endurance training, with several tests in between, in which in some, we learn and win and in others we only learn, which “sharpens” my athlete’s mind even more. For all this, I am extremely grateful to her.