May 19, 2020


by anabispo-admin in

«Sailing in high competition is science, art and instinct.We have to know how to coordinate and foster competencies and knowledge in different domains of performance. But above all, sensitivity is needed to choose and use them both efficiently and effectively in a specific context and circumstance.We are never alone in this course. It is mandatory to know how to listen and observe all incoming messages. But most of all it is necessary to grasp them with accuracy. Sailing with the strong hand of Ana Ramires helps us maintain clarity and tranquility, both required in the decision-making process.She helps us understand that the same sound of wind may be listened by the crew in various different tones and that even the same current may be felt in the same direction but at different speeds. She helps us clear the soul from installed winds and currents in such a way, that incoming messages brought about by new winds and currents become clearer and allow us to make choices in the best state of mind. She helps us to win!»